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Witness a masterful weaving of rhythm and rhyme, poetry and prose in Dirk De Bock’s book collection featuring

Watch Out
What If
Inside Me…
Hold On
Never Give Up
Stay Strong
Higher Power
Heaving Learned

1. Watch Out – The first poetry book that I wrote was ‘Watch Out’, published by Xlibris in 2011. It contains 50 English works and 1 in French, put at the end of the book. This first poetry book contains works from the early 90’s till almost 2009.

2. What If – The second English poetry book was called ‘What If’, also published by Xlibris and also in 2011. This book also contains 50 poems in English and 1 French, again put as last one. Also this second book has been provided with works from the early 90’s until the end of the year 2008.

3. Inside Me – For the third book ‘Inside Me’ I stayed by the combination of writing 50 English poems and 1 French at the end of the book. This third compilation is also published by Xlibris and was published in 2012. Yes, also this book has a mix of poems from the early 90’s towards the end of the year 2008.

4. Hold On – It took me a little while longer to finish my fourth poetry book, this one calls ‘Hold On’. It reminds me of some difficult periods that crossed my life. The same formula is used, which means again 50 poems in English and 1 in The publisher Xlibris also remains the same and this fourth book came out in 2016. This book has been filled with newer stuff starting from around 2011.

5. Never Give Up – This book is written within the time marge of maybe 2 years. Many of the poems came easier in my head than most of the writings that I ever done before, this is speaking in general of course. This also had a lot to do with my improving health in the second part of 2015. More warmth came into these poems because I started feeling much better than before.

6. Stay Strong – This is for sure the heaviest book that I’ve ever written. The cause of this is the fact that for several years we were faced with lots of cruelty and violence of creatures who were against people who believe in God or who not share their way of ‘living’. It made me feel angry and I didn’t want to stay behind powerless and speechless.

7. Higher Power – What can I say? Again 50 poems in English and 1 in French, at the end of the book as usual. I’m feeling quite happy that Xlibris is publishing ‘Higher Power’, my seventh book. Many of this poems are about life nowadays that is spoken in general terms. Of course the past may not be forgotten and dreams still happen, just as good times do and bad stuff happens also.

8. Heaving Learned – I can easily say that these poems handle many different kind of situations, happenings and other events. It’s still going forward and no lack on the part of inspiration. That Xlibris will also publish this book won’t come to no surprise to anyone. People keep asking me how I do this, how I keep on writing new stories. Well, it’s rather easy to reveal, these ideas just come up in my head.

About the Book

About the Book

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In the beginning I’ve tried to find my own style, because I didn’t want to write like other writers.

You know what I mean, 6 to 8 lines in mostly incomprehensible sentences, sometimes more meaningful or less. Though mostly far-fetched or futile, as if those lines aren’t alive. A poem has to have his own life, it has to have some meaning, even though it looks easy at first site…

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